Return Home from the Arab World

October 15, 2013 — 2 Comments

Three new passport stamps, engagement to a woman beyond my dreams, countless of thrilling and challenging experiences, military curfews, over a hundred personal interactions, and breathtaking landscapes. Life will never be the same.

Three months go much faster than ordinary when taking a trip of this nature, and in hindsight I would have written a lot more stories to share while I experienced them in real time. What I could not have anticipated, is how many rich experiences would come my way, finding it difficult to catch my breath, nor pausing long enough to fully soak in all that transpired. My return to the United States allowed for a couple days with family, followed by a swift return to work, traveling to Greenville, South Carolina for continued training in my field of database conversion and implementation.

Those of you with access to my Instagram and Facebook feed, surely observed the more picturesque historical settings I encountered, but much of the detail regarding military presence in Egypt, day-to-day activity, grasping and making sense of local culture, language classes, training, future planning, and spiritual conversations remain largely unknown to most of you. Thankfully, I have the highlights of each day documented in the notebook I dedicated for the purposes of this trip. I look forward to sharing stories with you in writing, photograph, video, and in personal conversation over coffee.

Below are some of the visual highlights of the entire adventure:



  • Kathy

    What a wonderful journey Andy! Thank you for sharing your experiences and awesome photographs!

    • Andreas M. Hofmann

      Thanks, Kathy. Now to get more productive with further writing. Thank you for reading and following along!